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Midnyte Reader, November 24, 2015

Guest Post Andrew Man – Dystopian Adventures vs. Conspiracy Thrillers. Over the last few years, young adult dystopian fiction has seen a spike in popularity with several young authors writing trilogies like The Hunger Games and Divergent which have become best-selling books and films. These ideas are in contrast to past conspiracy thrillers from writers […]

The Blogger Jaffa Reads Too…interview

Hello Andrew and welcome to Jaffa reads too… What can you tell us about your book Beyond the Rest of Us? Well, it’s the final book in a series about a modern world I barely know today. I decided to write the final book as a conspiracy thriller. This means for the average reader there […]

Climate change: the debate rolls on and on…

Opinion for a Greener Life By Andrew Man Two years ago I read a book Scatter, Adapt, and Remember by Annalee Newitz about the Apocalypse and how our species on this planet have faced extinctions in the past. I mentioned some of her ideas in my latest book “Beyond the Rest of Us” to be […]