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Chapter 5 – Arrow of Time

Beyond the Rest of Us –When readers reach Chapter 5 of the book they will find that James and the Professor are being held prisoner at a Government clinic in Eastern Europe. Once again we find the Czech girl Jana at the clinic, but it is the time traveller Natalie (from book 2) who comes […]

Chapter 4 – CONCORDIA

Beyond the Rest of Us –Those of you who watched the link to William Brown on the last post will know how consciousness is the medium through which we experience reality. This chapter is an overview of how consciousness is an active component of nature and is key to our existence in the human mind. […]

The Holometer findings – (part 2)

Beyond the Rest of Us –I hope readers have been able to follow the last post about the Holometer as now we have a guest post from William Brown, Biophysicist an Academy Faculty member with the Resonance Project Foundation, Kilauea, Hawaii. “Congratulations on your new book — I think that science fiction can be just […]